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Procrastinate much? (Part-1)

Updated: May 4, 2020

I am a master procrastinator and a lazy bum. I spend hours on my phone scrolling away doing nothing. Sometimes I lie on my bed staring at the ceiling; dreaming away about the things I want to (need to) do but never actually doing them. Even to sit down and write this article was a struggle for me, because it didn't come together in one single flow. Should I super glue my butt to the seat to get this done?

In daily life and larger life decisions, I struggle with starting things. I have a million things on my plate, fast approaching deadlines, that painting I wanted to make, that dish I wanted to cook, assignments that must be turned in by midnight; all of which I ignore and distract myself with anything, absolutely anything. I have not acted upon many ideas due to fear or boredom or doubt or simply because I was 'busy'.

I recently read this book called 'The war of art' by Steven Pressfield. Until I read this book, I had no grasp of what I was dealing with. Steven describes 'resistance' as the opposite force of creativity. Resistance he says, is what stops up from doing things and following our dreams. Want to start a Non-profit? Write a book? Have children? Resistance fills your head with doubt, excuses and gives you grand visions of failure and shame. It visits us everyday just like inspiration and creativity and stalls us.

'Resistance is what stops us from bridging the gap

between who we are and who we aspire to be'

Disclaimer: Reading The war of art, will push you to jump into action. You are warned!

After reading the book, I finally understood why I was procrastinating. I was able to identify the voice in my head that stopped me from doing things. So I kept close tabs on my thoughts and actions for three weeks and made a list.

Top 20 ways I procrastinate

  1. I did a lot of work yesterday. I need a day off!

  2. I don't want to do it, not in the mood.

  3. I feel soooo tired.

  4. It's okay, I am on vacation (No I am not...)

  5. I am so moody because of my periods. I need to rest.

  6. I hate being indoors all the time. Let me take a walk!

  7. I ll do it in 15 mins. Just 15 mins.

  8. I am so hungry (not really) let's just go do some yummy eating.

  9. Avoiding looking at the clock/time altogether.

  10. I need my coffee! (The first thought when I wake up and contemplate doing yoga on an empty stomach. I always choose my coffee)

  11. Off daydreaming somewhere.

  12. Grrrr.. urgh! Nooooo!!!

  13. What's new on Instagram/YouTube? (This kills solid 15 mins to half an hour)

  14. It's too hot! (As if I do work in the cold)

  15. There are people who are less talented than me. I can always catch up (Wow! I can be nasty sometimes)

  16. Why can't I just be a sloth? (Visions of my sloth self hanging on a tree)

  17. I enter into arguments with friends and family over politics and religion often. I waste time trying to make people agree with me.

  18. I don't want to listen to my professors/boss. Hence, I won't do work. (Ridiculous)

  19. Let's call a friend and talk to them.

  20. I should check my email.

Leave comment below to share how you procrastinate.

In the next post, I share how I have learnt to tackle my procrastination. Stay tuned!

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